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Deconstructing the Core Banking Platform

Open Banking, by definition, is an environment where a third party is given permission to access a bank account or account-related data in order to provide services direct to the user. That's not where the real technical evolution in banking is going to take place. Instead, I look for technologists to begin figuring out how to desconstruct core banking systems into their individual account components and then deliver them through a integration portal that allows a financial services entity to…
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Organizations making business decisions regarding potential new vendors, technology investments or new partnerships have to invest a great deal of time and resources in the effort. Creating a set of meaningful Guiding Principles can support a more efficient and effective decision-making process.
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What's really hard about AI or any other fintech infrastructure play is defining an implementation path that makes good business sense and then investing in that vision. Many stakeholders view these technologies as competitive differentiators and so lock their learnings up in closed rooms. Increasing the tide of information about the real experience of integrating, testing, and implementing these technologies will serve to improve and strengthen the market as a whole.
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