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We are in the early days of managing our business lives in an environment that requires social distancing.  I don't have a project that hasn't been impacted by all the shut-downs caused by the coronavirus, not to mention the roller-coaster of anxiety many of us are feeling.

Since KEENonPAYMENTS is a designed to keep us in touch with each other, I thought it important to share with you some of my best practices for doing just that.  None of this is rocket science of course and welcome your suggestions as well.  Having worked from home for many years, it is isolating and now that most of us are being encouraged to not go out unless we have to, or perhaps not at all, that sense of disconnection is going to get sharper.

  • Social Media is Good, But....a human voice is better.  I regularly reach out to contacts and schedule calls to catch up.  Sometimes it's a general conversation and other times, there is a specific topic.  For example, last week I had a conversation with a fellow researcher about faster payments around the world.  It was fun, interesting, and envigorating. 
  • Business Contacts Don't Have to be can reach out to someone that posted an interesting article or opinion on LinkedIn for example.  We all like to talk about our work, so leverage this as a good reason to connect.
  • Chat Works, sometimes simply sending a message to someone, sharing your experience, and asking them to share theirs is enough to remind ourselves that we're not alone.
  • Getting in on the another way to connect.  Try pushing yourself beyond just clicking on the LIKE button and get in on the conversation. 
  • another way to start a conversation or stay in touch with colleagues.  Since I scan the payments news everyday, I frequently send relevant article or resource links to individuals.  I always hear back from them by the way. 
  • Use Your schedule some of these activities.  I find this works better than a task reminder (but we all have our preferences), so whatever works for you, make it part of your week.

Importantly, this is a time to put networking aside and focus on connecting for connection sake.  Especially for individuals that are not used to the isolation of working at home, who might not have active IM channels at work or are otherwise inexperienced at this kind of remote work, actively continuing to participate in your workplace is important for your well-being.

I'll post some other thoughts on working at home in another blog later this week and I encourage you to share your ideas as well.  Take care, keep in touch, and be well.


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