Are you KEEN on Payments?

KEENonPayments is a professional, membership network created for independent payments SME’s and payments enthusiasts who are dynamic, focused and energetic - KEEN on the payments industry!

When I created PG Research & Advisory Services, I looked for a network of like-minded peers to participate in.  I wanted to be able to talk to and learn from other independents and experts.  Most importantly, working alone is challenging and while I loved my independence, I missed my morning coffee chats, having people I trusted to talk to for advice or get an opinion on my work.

Looking around the great internet, I came up with...crickets.  Talking to my fellow independents and experts, I found that they had the same problem. 

Initially, I created KEEN-net and attempted to monetize the membership, but quickly realized that creating a revenue stream was not my focus.  I wanted to connect people and so, I streamlined the entire process and renamed it...


What I've built is a simple, free network.  Once you sign up, you can create a profile and start participating.  As much or as little as you'd like.

I will be hosting periodic chat events to get the network moving, but encourage you to make your own contactsas well.

Importantly, please share freely.  For members that are independents or want to be independent, Help them by referring them for work, sharing your work problems and how you solved them or tools and services that you've found especially helpful. 

Thanks for taking a look and I hope you'll join us soon. 

Patti Hewitt, Founder