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This past week, Barclays Bank launched a Pingit wearables store.  Not exactly an Amazon for payment devices (as you'll see), but nevertheless an interesting moment in payments.  Last month, Mastercard launched its own restaurant, which appears to be…
In today's news, Kroger intends to roll out a tiered fee structure for cashback at the POS (link below). Other than my local dollar store, I haven't seen anything like this at a major retailer. I wonder if this is the beginning of a more subtle n…
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Somewhere around 1972, a group of banks in California created the first ACH scheme.  Since then, this incredibly durable transaction type has established itself as the bedrock of inter-bank money transfer in the United States.  Its ubiquitous reach…
Jul 25
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Jul 22
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Jul 19
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This is our regular monthly member meet-up.  Just a reminder that...
It's an open topic session - talking about whatever's going on in the market.
You can dial in anonymously and just listen.
Invite a friend or gather your colleagues to join in.
Jul 19
Posting a link to the NY Fed summary of their recent fintech conference. Note there are links to four of the academic papers presented at the conference pertaining to P2P and small biz lending. If that's your area of concentration, check it out.…
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Jul 19
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In a recent blog post, I gave some thought to how payment hubs are evolving and where these complex, but increasingly necessary, technologies fit into our present-day financial institution eco-systems.  To gain more insight into the subject, I had t…
Jul 17
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There is no hotter segment in the industry today than commercial payments.  It’s here we find deep pockets of inefficiency that can be addressed through digital payments, creating an economic powerhouse with the capability to generate highly profita…
Jul 9
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Our monthly member meet-up where we discuss what's been happening recently in our industry.  All payments-related topics welcome.  This is a private member's only meeting and you're welcome to join anonymously or just listen in, but sharing is encou…
Jul 3
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"Great to welcome Maria Smith to the KEENonPayments network.  She is an expert in so many areas of the market, it's hard to pin it down, but with stints at The Disney Company and Starbucks to her credit, she'll be a strong contributor to the communit…"
Jun 28
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Recently, it's been widely reported that Uber is establishing a New York office for the express purpose of building out a financial services division.  In most articles, the main driver for this has been cited as their cost of card acceptance.  In t…
Jun 26
Patti Hewitt is going to Hall Meeting - Facebook Money Round 2
Jun 18
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This week's Hall Meeting is to bat around all things Facebook Money.  To remind us, here's a link to the original stories about Facebook Credits and a good breakdowns of their current initiative, Libra, along with an analysis from a bitoin POV.
Jun 18
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In the beginning there was the core banking system and it was good.  The system created accounts, processed transactions, generated statements, and managed compliance.  Whether an institution ran this system within its own IT environment or as a sha…
Jun 10