PG Research & Advisory Service

PG Research & Advisory Services is an independent consulting firm founded in 2016 specializing in providing:

  • On-target, action-oriented consulting
  • Project-based  services
  • Proprietary surveys
  • RFP/RFI support
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Industry training and education
  • Marketing content/white papers
  • Expert resource to augment existing teams on a temporary basis

PGRA was founded in order to provide cost-effective payments expert services to the industry-at-large.

Representative Projects

  • System conversion expert for platform migration project (consumer loan company)
  • Developed and fielded first person survey on financial institution preferences and investment considerations for ATM managed services and CNP fraud.
  • Competitive intelligence study across three (3) individual business segments for market segment leader
  • Development of second iteration data analysis and heuristic tool used to articulate the Total Cost of CNP Fraud
  • Developing and delivering strategic market presentations
  • Marketing content development
  • Industry education webinars

In addition, PGRA's founder, Patricia Hewitt, frequently participates as an industry expert in various events such as:

  • Judge - 2017 Open Banking Hackathon (CapGemini)
  • Panelist - 2018 World Payments Report TwitterChat (CapGemini)

Depth of Experience

Starting in the industry as a merchant sales rep for one of the largest bank card centers on the East Coast (Sun Bank), Patti learned about the acquiring business from the ground up. She went on to head up merchant operations for the bank and ultimately oversaw all third party and network relationships as the center’s Operations Officer.

Moving from banking services to software development, she joined Credit Card Software, now PaySys International (a First Data company) as their Cardpac Compliance Manager, but was quickly challenged with the opportunity to build out their first, combined global customer service division overseeing maintenance and support for Cardpac and Vision clients around the world. This work included convincing the Executive Management Team that software engineers would enjoy doing maintenance work (they did) and that the company needed both a Spanish-language support team and a separate training resource both of which were successfully implemented.

After a few years working independently, Patti began doing business application development for Florida Informanagement Services (a VisionPlus processor). For example, she worked up the system requirements for one of the first healthcare co-pay cards for Chemical Bank and authored a companion operations manual for them, led the company’s professional services team and ultimately took over operations for the company after they were acquired by Fiserv. She led the development effort to enable bankcard processing, including network, call center and third party application RFI’s, contract negotiations and implementation. Moving on to corporate product and market development from there, she was part of the team that implemented the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Bank infrastructure in the early days of consumer-directed healthcare and created important internal business partnerships with the company’s credit union business.

Once gain shifting to independent work, Patti became an adjunct professor at Central Florida Business College where she taught classes in business and marketing strategy, accounting, and operational services. At this time she was introduced to Mercator Advisory Group as an external resource for their credit advisory service and ultimately accepted a position to build out a separate debit advisory service, which she successfully completed and developed the firm’s Payment Industry Training Program. From there, moving on to a partner’s role in the firm as the Vice President and Managing Director of Consulting Services.

A Respected Industry Insider

Patricia has worked with many of the top companies in the financial services industry including American Express, MasterCard, First Data, FIS, CO-OP Financial Services, Vantiv, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Dunkin’ Brands, Amazon, Cardtronics, PSCU, and many others. She also gained valuable experience helping start-ups navigate the industry, their competitive markets and develop go-to-market roadmaps.

Her knowledge of the inner workings of the financial services value chain allows her to place market dynamics in context, enabling richer and more meaningful engagements. Her work is grounded by this background and her passion for payments comes through in each project, no matter how large or small.

Patti is an advocate, speaker and active fund-raiser for the Alzheimer's Association, dedicated to raising awareness and supporting research in the fight to find a cure.

PG Research & Advisory Services... devoted to working with clients across the value chain to further the education, research and analysis of the payments industry through the efficient use of independent resources.  For more information or to schedule a complimentary discussion on how I can support your research, strategic market analysis or communication needs, please contact Patricia directly.

Office:   912-332-1591

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