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In 2016, when I formed PG Research & Advisory Services as a independent expert to the payments industry, I assumed I would find a plethora of online support in the websphere. 

In reality, not so much.  So, since necessity is the mother of invention, I started KEEN as my original network concept, which has since evolved into KEENonPayments.  (The video here is from my original KEEN launch).

KEENonPayments is a new kind of network, designed to support payments professionals that desire or already have, an independent consultinging career.  As a member of KEENonPayments, you'll gain access to a site where independents like yourself, will meet and share information, best practices, and most of all, just be your office away from home. 

One of the things we all miss as independents is access to our colleagues.  That stop-by in the office during breaks, hall conversations, and did-your-hear-about debates are the things we miss about being part of a larger company.

KEENonPayments is a member network, but registration is easy and free.  Join us the conversation today and celebrate your autonomy!


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